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Continental Tyres

Continental is currently the third-largest tyre manufacturing brand in the world. At Mobile Auto Experts, we retail a wide range of Continental tyres Coventry to cater to the vehicular needs of our clients. Here you can opt for different tyre variants, such as:

Summer Tyres

The hard rubber compound of these tyre models provides lower rolling resistance when you drive on hotter surfaces. As a result, the fuel efficiency of your vehicle can improve exponentially. Additionally, these products are a reliable choice to offer enhanced road grip on dry and wet roads.

Best Selling Model: Eco Contact™ 6

Winter Tyres

The silica-enriched, more natural rubber content of these tyres ensures they have a supple and softer exterior even when the temperature drops below 7°C. Additionally, the high slit density of these tyres provides them with biting edges that can drain snow and slush away from the contact patch. Thus, your car faces a reduced risk of aquaplaning.

Best Selling Model: Winter Contact™ TS 870 P

All-Season Tyre

These tyres are an informed investment if you manoeuvre your vehicle in a moderate climate area. These products can offer dependable traction and braking performance during summer and winter and let you avoid seasonal tyre replacement hassles.

Best Selling Model: All Season Contact™

We also retail vehicle-specific and Runflat tyre variants.

You can buy these variants from our website using the Tyre Finder Tool. Moreover, we provide 24-hour mobile tyre fitting facility to a location of your choice if it is under our operation zone.

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