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Are you looking for Coolant Change Coventry for your vehicle?

Changing the coolant in the car engine is necessary after regular intervals to maintain the optimal temperature inside the engine system.

Opt for our coolant change Coventry and enjoy a hassle-free service at the location of your choice. With Mobile Auto Experts, you can reap the benefits of a mobile engine coolant change from the comfort of your home, workplace or anywhere.

You can book this service by visiting our mobile service booking tool and scheduling an appointment by choosing your preferred location and time.

What is a coolant?

Coolant or antifreeze is a chemical fluid that circulates through the car engine. This fluid removes excessive heat from the engine components by eliminating it through the car radiator.

Moreover, this liquid has inhibitors that help protect the plastic, rubber and metal in an engine's cooling system from corrosion. As the name suggests, this liquid protects the engine components from freezing during bitter cold.

What are the signs that your vehicle needs a coolant change?

Some of the tell-tale signs that indicate your vehicle needs a coolant change are as follows:

  • The engine temperature alert comes to life on the car dashboard
  • You notice that the car engine starts to run at a higher temperature, indicating overheating

Ignoring these signs can cause severe implications in the associated components of your car engine.

About our coolant change Coventry

Automobile experts recommend opting for a coolant change every three or six months. When you book this service from us, we will send our mobile van and a team of mechanics who are well-versed in conducting this service to deliver accurate results within the shortest time.

We begin the process by adding a coolant cleaner to the existing fluid and then run the engine for a while. Next, we will turn off the engine and drain the old fluid. We will then add water to drain and flush the whole system to ensure it is clean. Finally, we will refill the cooling system with manufacturer-recommended fresh coolant.

Sounds perfect, right?

Then, end your ‘coolant change Coventry’ searches and contact us now!

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