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Are you looking for Antifreeze Check for your vehicle?

Also referred to as a coolant, the antifreeze is an additive crucial in safeguarding your vehicle from succumbing to extreme weather conditions during summer and winter. So, if this fluid is running low, you must seek immediate professional assistance to top it up, as otherwise, you can face a vehicular breakdown.

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Importance of antifreeze for your vehicle

Overlong exposure to cold and warmer environments can be detrimental to the optimal functioning capabilities of a vehicle. For instance, if the mercury drops significantly, the liquid in the car radiator can freeze. Moreover, if the coolant level drops exponentially, the car heater performance is compromised to blow hot air into the car cabin.

Alternatively, the car engine can malfunction during the summer months due to overheating. Moreover, vital car components such as pistons and cylinders can sustain significant damage, leading to a heft repair bill.

Coolant can provide a comprehensive solution to these issues mentioned above. The chemical characteristics of antifreeze enable it to lower the freezing point and raise the boiling point of a water-based liquid. Therefore, the optimum mixture of this additive with water ensures the components of your vehicle are damage-free against extreme heat or cold.

Keep in mind that, for the summer season, this mixture should have a water-to-antifreeze ratio of 50:50. However, when driving in the warmer climate, this ratio should be 40% water to 60% coolant. Nevertheless, consulting the manufacturer’s specifications is the best course of action.

Warning signs of low antifreeze level

Keep an eye out for the tell-tale signs like:

  • The high-temperature gauge on the car dashboard is red
  • A significant drop in fuel efficiency, etc

In such scenarios, contact us immediately. After inspecting the fluid level, we top up the coolant per the OEM instructions. We also check for any leakage present and fix the issues if detected.

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